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Unity 3D Module Manager (DLC Scene Manager)

Welcome to Module Manager: Customizable asynchronous Asset Loading screen, make your game look like an AAA game, smooth transition between scenes, no more freezing screen when loading a scene! ■ Features: Smooth Transition between scenes (Blur or Fade). Asynchronous loading (no more freezing screens between scenes, make your game look like an AAA game. Fully […]

SOLID Principles

SOLID principles represent a set of principles that, if implemented properly should improve our code significantly. As with any other principle in life, every SOLID principle can be misused and overused to the point of being counterproductive. Instead of getting an understandable, maintainable and flexible code, we could end up with the code that’s in the […]

Getting Started with GraphQL

In this article, we are going to learn how to set up GraphQL in .NET Core application. We are going to use different third-party libraries to make this integration easier and will explain in detail how to use GraphQL elements (Type, Query, and Schema) to complete the integration process of GraphQL in .NET Core. About GraphQL […]

Anonymous and Nullable Types

Anonymous Classes An anonymous class is a class that does not have a name. This sound strange but sometimes an anonymous class can be useful, especially when using query expressions. Let’s see what we mean by that. We can create an object of anonymous class simply by using the new keyword in front of curly braces: myAnonymousObj […]

Data types, declarations and variables

Data Types Data types that represent the whole numbers are expressed with a certain number of bits. For unsigned numbers, the range is from 0 to 2N-1, and signed numbers range is from -2N-1 to 2N-1-1. So if the data type has a size of 8 bits like the sbyte data type, we can represent its […]


Compare Azure vs AWS vs Google

Vendor Microsoft Azure AWS Google Strengths •Second largest provider• Integration with Microsoft tools and software• Broad feature set• Hybrid cloud• Support for open source • Dominant market position• Extensive, mature offerings• Support for large organizations• Extensive training• Global reach • Designed for cloud-native businesses• Commitment to open source and portability• Deep discounts and flexible contracts• […]


Compare Azure Cosmos DB vs. Azure SQL Database

Name Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB   Microsoft Azure SQL Database   Description Globally distributed, horizontally scalable, multi-model database service Database as a Service offering with high compatibility to Microsoft SQL Server Primary database model Document storeGraph DBMSKey-value storeWide column store Relational DBMS Secondary database models Document storeGraph DBMS Website azure.microsoft.com/­services/­cosmos-db azure.microsoft.com/­en-us/­services/­sql-database Technical documentation docs.microsoft.com/­en-us/­azure/­cosmos-db docs.microsoft.com/­en-us/­azure/­sql-database Developer Microsoft Microsoft […]

How and when to use async and await

Async & Await Simple Explanation Simple Analogy A person may wait for their morning train. This is all they are doing as this is their primary task that they are currently performing. (synchronous programming (what you normally do!)) Another person may await their morning train while he drink his coffee. (Asynchronous programming) What is asynchronous programming? Asynchronous programming is […]