Welcome to Module Manager:

Customizable asynchronous Asset Loading screen, make your game look like an AAA game, smooth transition between scenes, no more freezing screen when loading a scene!

■ Features:

  • Smooth Transition between scenes (Blur or Fade).
  • Asynchronous loading (no more freezing screens between scenes, make your game look like an AAA game.
  • Fully and easy customizable.
  • Background Transitions.
  • One-line of code to use by script.
  • Detect errors during download DLC and allow to retry with custom screen.
  • Loading Customizable Window (Progress Bar & Text).
  • Easy extendable.
  • Ready made prefabs for use.
  • Full UGUI System.
  • Build-in documentation.

Please find below a quick tutorial video:

■ Content:

/AltheaSoft/Library -> CSharp source code file (very easy to customize)

/AltheaSoft/Samples -> Sample Scene and scripts

/Modules -> Scripts related to demo Assets (Adventure Sample Game from Unity Technologies and Endless Runner Sample Game from Unity Technologies)

/Resources -> Prefabs that can be customized or use your own

/Prefab/InfoPanel -> Panel to be displayed when an error happens /Prefab/ProgressBar -> Progress bar displayed when loading a DLC

■ How to use it:

Simple call the LoadManger from your code button (at sample scene, the SceneDemo.cs script is used at each button press, but can be used anywhere on your code)

var moduleManager = new GameObject("LoadManager").AddComponent<LoadManager>();
if (moduleManager != null)
    moduleManager.BaseUrl = "https://www.jedha.es/download";
    moduleManager.Load(moduleName, EffectList.FadeEffect, "Prefab/ProgressBar", "Prefab/InfoPanel", sceneName);

■ You can find this unity plugin at

Unity Asset Store URL


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